Quick Response Manufacturing (Employee Training Bundle)

Author: Rajan Suri

Companies manufacturing high-mix, low-volume, or customized products struggle with long lead times and late deliveries. Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is an enterprise-wide strategy that enables companies to reduce lead times by over 80% and achieve near-perfect on-time delivery.

These two courses are designed as an introduction to QRM for employees at companies that have already adopted the QRM strategy. They are particularly suited to onboarding of new employees. Each course takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.

Quick Response Manufacturing, Part 1: Realizing the Power of Time introduces learners to the core strategies of QRM and provides a closer look at lead time in manufacturing companies, including:

  • Where to focus your efforts if lead time reduction is your goal.
  • How to precisely define and measure lead time with a time-based metric.
  • The numerous benefits of reducing lead time.

Quick Response Manufacturing, Part 2: Strategies for Reducing Lead Time goes over the strategies that companies can use to achieve significant lead time reduction, including:

  • The QRM organizational structure which is based upon organizing into QRM Cells both on the shop floor and in the office.
  • The QRM approach to capacity planning, specifically decisions about machine and labor utilization and batch-sizing.

Keywords: Lead time reduction, on-time delivery, high-mix low-volume, mass customization, custom manufacturing, continuous improvement, cycle time, manufacturing competitiveness, operations management, capacity planning, cellular manufacturing, QRM, Lean Manufacturing, mobile, elearning

Quick Response Manufacturing (Employee Training Bundle)

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